Where we re-home

We are very restrictive about where animals which have been donated to us, are placed on loan to.Our animals are only ever placed on loan and never leave our legal ownership. This is to ensure that they can never enter trade. If any young are produced 50% of each individual belongs to us and can never be sold or otherwise disposed of and in some cases (such as annex A CITES animals & all primates) 100% of the young, legally are owned by Specialist Wildlife services.

There are 3 types of home which we consider.

Licensed Zoos, Bird Gardens, Butterfly & Insect Houses, Children’s farms & aquariums. Preferably BIAZA members.

Colleges, Universities & Schools offering animal care courses or Vet / Vet nurse courses.

On very rare occasions serious Private Keepers & Breeders. However they are required to agree to meet our stringent controls over the movement of the stock or any young produced (which also become our legal property)
Our main aim is to ensure that the animals in our care receive the best homes, with the highest standard of care that we can find.To date we have never been forced to euthanase any healthy animals that we have accepted for re-homing, we aim to maintain that record!

We do specialise in re-homing the more unusual species that would normally not be seen in other rescue centres and have a list of Exotic Animal Sanctuaries & refuges, Education facilities & Zoos who we can call on to assist us. For this reason we don’t re-home to the general public as our guests require specialist care and are not suitable as pets.

We never re-home to laboratories, dealers or the pet trade.