Bill & Ben

Name: Bill & Ben
Common Name: Common Marmosets
Latin Name: Callithrix jacchus
About: Bill & Ben were donated to us by a TV production company after they were purchased by them in order to remove them from the terrible conditions they were being kept under.

They were both housed in a filthy bird cage measuring 45cm long x 30cm wide x 30cm high, with no nest box, which they had been living in for 3 months.

When they first arrived with us they were so nervous that Bill would not leave the old cage for over an hour and had to be tempted with waxworms before he built up the courage to move.

For the next week we kept them together in a cage measuring 50cm wide x 100cm long x 120cm high while they got used to the extra space and a nest box.

They quickly grew more confident and we moved them out side to a 240cm long x 160cm wide by 200cm aviary which was divided into an indoor heated house and a covered outside area. We hung a selection of toys and ropes in both areas and they settled beautifully.

Their final move is to a college where they have an enclosure with indoor and outdoor areas totalling about 20 cubic metres. It is hoped that in the future we will introduce a number of other common marmosets to the group in the hope of producing a more natural family group.