Common Marmoset

Name: Common Marmoset
Common Name: Common Marmoset
Latin Name: Callithrix jacchus
About: During 2007 we had our busiest year ever for Common Marmosets. We received 7 in for re-homing in a number of batches.

The decision was taken to try to integrate the different groups, thus allowing a more natural colony to form. This was done using a number of joined aviaries, with each pair or group occupying a separate run. Over a period of 4 weeks they were allowed to communicate with each other, groom each other through the bars until finally the time came to let them in with each other. There was a small amount of squabbling initially, but they soon settled down and now function as a family group.

A number of these monkeys had been removed from their parents, sold then kept individually in little more than bird cages, thus deprived of any social interaction, which is normally essential for all primates.

Now that we have established this group at a zoo we will be eventually adding any additional Common Marmosets that we receive this year to the colony.

If you see a marmoset for sale, please do not buy it as a pet. They are not suitable as solitary animals or ‘pets’.