Name: Doris
Common Name: Brown Collared Lemur
Latin Name: Eulemur fulvus collaris
About: Doris was 1 of 3 Lemurs donated to us by a private keeper, unfortunately for her the other 2 lemurs she was with paired up and began to pick on her, so we were forced to house her separately from them.

Doris is very calm and gentle, and loves human company.

She is currently staying with us until we can find her a suitable mate that she can live with.


It was decided that Doris should be re-introduced to her former companions. This went without any aggression, but after 2 weeks she was still very submissive and we felt that she deserved a more fulfilling life! she has now come back to us until we can find her a suitable friend.

Latest Update

Doris has settled beautifully now and has recently moved into much larger accommodation. It was hoped that Doris could move to the USA as part of an international conservation project, but alas she was rejected due to her unknown parentage!

She does now have a new friend to play with (not the fluffy duck in the photo) which has made all the difference to her, so for the time being it seems she will be spending her twilight years with us.