Egyptian Fruit Bat

Name: Egyptian Fruit Bat
Common Name: Egyptian Fruit Bat
Latin Name: Rousettus aegyptiacus
About: In 2004 a shipment containing approximately 200 Egyptian Fruit Bats was stopped at Heathrow Airport by DEFRA on welfare & health grounds.

It was agreed that British Airways would sponsor the cost of quarantine and food for 6 months if we could re-home them once they were given the all clear.

Due to the commitment and dedication of the staff at the Animal Reception Centre, Defra staff & Vets and British Airways over 160 of these bats were nursed back to health and completed quarantine.

They were then dispersed amongst a number of collections here in the UK and the chances are that if you see Egyptian Fruit Bats at a Zoo in the UK, at least some of them may have come from this shipment.