Madagascan Tree Boa

Name: Madagascan Tree Boa
Common Name: Madagascar Tree Boa
Latin Name: Sanzinia madagascariensis
About: During autumn of 2007 we were contacted by a college in the UK who had a pair of Madagascar Tree Boa’s, each in excess of 1.2m.

The Boas had arrived at the college years earlier after being seized by Dutch Customs as they were smuggled into Holland.

After discussions with the college it was decided that we should try to place them in a more suitable home.

They are an annex A species which means that they are offered the strictest of protection from illegal trade and it was felt that they were unlikely to breed at the college and that a more common species would be better suited to educational purposes.

In November of 2007 they were collected from their home at the college and transported in heated boxes to their new home where they have settled nicely and it is hoped will breed within the next year.

Since their move we have been contacted by another college who also have a single male, it is hoped that he will be joining a lone female at a zoo later this year.