Name: Prescott
Common Name: Common Snapping Turtle
Latin Name: Chelydra serpentina
About: A turtle with a vicious bite and a temper to match was christened ‘Prescott’ by staff at Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre…after the fiery former deputy PM.

His star may be fading in the political arena, but the testy member for Hull was the first person who came to mind when Sea Life’s Claire Little took delivery of a large snapping turtle…found abandoned in a boating lake during july 2007.

“He’s an American snapping turtle, about 18 inches long and we think about 12 years old,” said Claire.

“He was found by someone cleaning debris from a boating lake at a Norfolk zoo, where we think he’d been surreptitiously dumped by his former owner.”

After a health check and short stay over winter in the heated conditions at the Sealife Centre in Scarborough, Prescott has come to us so that we can find a suitable permanent home for her (yes Prescott is a female!)