Common Name: Patagonian Sealion

Latin Name: Otaria flavescens, formerly Otaria byronia

Bodie is a 23 year old Patagonian Sealion who had been living at the national seal sanctuary in Gweek with her mate. Unfortunately during 2008 her mate past away from old age, leaving her all alone 

A suitable mate could not be found for Bodie here in the UK, but a lone male was located in Italy 

After months of preparation and with the sponsorship of Eurotunnel she left Gweek by road, heading for Italy. 

The journey was 21 hours door to door, with Bodie being cooled by melting ice during the trip. 

When we arrived at 5am she was quickly unloaded into her quarantine pool where she was to spend 28 days while being monitored for any disease, stress and so that she could be gradually introduced to her new male 

Happily she settled well feeding immediately and at once struck up a happy new relationship with the male.

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