What We Re-Home

We specialise in non-native, wild animals. 

Many of the Zoos & colleges which help us by offering homes have limited resources. We therefore are not normally able to offer places to species that commonly occur in the pet trade. We try to match the limited spaces available to the specimens that are endangered or require specialist facilities. 

Below is a list of species that we can normally find homes for:

  • Marmoset's
  • Tamarins
  • Squirrel Monkeys
  • Capuchin
  • Lemurs - All species
  • Primates - most other species
  • Non-domesticated Cats
  • Non-domesticated Canids
  • Asian Otters
  • Coati
  • Racoon
  • Skunk
  • Fruit Bats
  • Foxes - except European species
  • Wallabies & other marsupials
  • Non-native waders
  • Toucans
  • Mynahs
  • Any other non-native softbills
  • Flamingo, storks & cranes
  • Emus
  • Crocodilians - Most species
  • Alligator Snapping turtles
  • Fly River or pig nosed turtles
  • Tortoises - Most species
  • Red-eared Terrapins
  • European Terrapins
  • Asian Turtles, hoesemys, cuora, etc
  • Most other DWA species

If the animal you have is not on either the list above or the one below it is always worth an email as we may be able to help you find a home.

What we don't normally re-home

If you have any of the pet animals on the list below please contact your local pet shelter or breed rescue, many of which can be found in our links section. 

If you have found a native species please visit http://www.sttiggywinkles.org

Below is a list of species that we unfortunately cannot re-home please try one of the rescues listed on our links pages.

  • Any native species, domesticated species or animals that you would normally see in a pet shop.
  • Map turtles, Sliders of any description or other common terrapins
  • Leopard geckos or other pet geckos
  • Bearded Dragon or other pet agamid
  • Iguanas
  • Monitor Lizards
  • Any other 'Pet' Lizards
  • Any 'Pet' Snakes
  • Any Amphibians
  • Ostrich & Rheas
  • Parrots & Parrot types such as budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds
  • Ducks, Swans or other Wildfowl
  • Finches
  • Any farm or domesticated animal

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