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Animal Zone UK

As part of my company, I offer a rescue service for various Exotic pets, mostly reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and exotic birds.

Most of the animals we receive stay with us for the duration and are often used in presentations to help illustrate the pros and cons of keeping exotic animals.

Animal zone UK also runs an adoption service where suitable animals are fostered to appropriate vetted homes, these animals remain under animal zone UK's supervision.

This side of the company is completely non-profit making.

Animalzone UK also offers free impartial advice.

It is my policy not to judge or question the circumstances with regards to a rescue rather the animal in questions immediate welfare which is of paramount importance to me.

Reptile Rescue Den

Reptile Rescue Den are based in Bolton, Lancashire, in the North West of England. We have over 27 years experience dealing with snakes, lizards and Chelonia. We are also RSPCA approved!

Our aim is to rescue sick or unwanted reptiles and re-home reptiles to caring responsible homes or offer sanctuary here should they be unfit for re-homing. We offer Educational Visits to schools and other groups as part of their curriculum or for summer fairs etc. Just contact us for more details. We also offer free friendly advice if you want to own a reptile or if you can no longer care for one. We can accommodate (regardless of size) snakes, lizards, amphibians, arachnids, inverts, turtles and tortoises. Please note we offer a life-long home here for tortoises, we do NOT place them up for re-homing elsewhere.

North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary

North Wales Reptile and Raptor Sanctuary (NWRR) is an animal sanctuary and respite centre for sick and injured birds of prey and reptiles, both wild and captive bred.

A lot of the animals coming into us can be in very poor condition and in need of extensive veterinary help and part of our remit is to get these back to good health if possible and then try to find suitable homes to re-home them to.

Another part of our work is Education. Educating authorities, the public, parents, retailers, and most importantly, young people to the very specific, and often complex, needs of these types of animals and also make people think about the long term commitment needed to look after them correctly.

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