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Exotic Wildlife Re-homing Service

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Welcome to the website of Specialist Wildlife Re-homing Services.

For the last 15 years we have been re-homing & rescuing true 'Exotic' animals for the Police, Government departments, RSPCA and other NGO's.

We are based near Heathrow, but cover Northern Ireland, the UK mainland and Southern Ireland.

As a non-profit, self funded voluntary organisation we work to ensure the welfare & assist in the re-homing of non-domesticated non-native wild animals which have been abandoned, confiscated, surrendered to rescue centres or the authorities, or become surplus within Zoos, colleges or other educational institutions.

Tripoli Zoo - Libya

Dr David Jones,Director of the North Carolina Zoo and chairman of the Ethics and Welfare Committee of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums is in the process of coordinating help for the Tripoli Zoo through both the Zoo and Animal Welfare Community in America and Europe.This follows the experience gained in handling both the Kabul and Baghdad Zoo situations in previous years.

The latest information following discussion with the Director of the Zoo in Tripoli ,Dr Abdul Fattah is that water is available for the animals and that they have power and some veterinary services.The critical need is for animal food supplies which could run out in the next 10 days.Food for the animals can be bought locally in Tripoli and so the aim will be to raise sufficient funds and provide adequate on site supervision of the expenditure of those funds working with the Zoo staff there.

“We are aware that other agencies,particularly the animal welfare community are looking at how they can help” said Dr Jones.”It is essential that we all work together using the most up to date information available,focusing effort on proven needs and closely coordinating efforts,so as not to waste resources”

The North Carolina Zoological Society www.NCZoo.org acting on behalf of The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums will launch an appeal for funds for this purpose early next week. In Europe www.SpecialistWildlifeServices.org will be working to support this group in whatever capacity will be helpful to them and the Tripoli Zoo.

Please do not inundate these organisations with emails requesting information, as the limited resources available are being focused on the needs of Tripoli Zoo.

Further information will be made available on the websites as soon as it is available, along with details of how you can donate.